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    Custom 3-D Tiles
    installed on the outside facade of a commercial building

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    Peacock Project
    medallion on foyer floor of private residence

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    Mosaic Process
    Making tiles by hand of clay

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    Earthling Sculptures
    ranging in size up to 5 feet

    Hands-on in the classroom or demos on the road

Anitra Watley Allen is a clay sculptress whose award winning work is exhibited widely, particularly in the Southwest. She makes masks, pottery, sculptures, mosaics and jewelry combining her heritage with both ancient/modern ceramic techniques. Her work is mainly hand-built, Raku or pit-fired, and often adorned with beading, feathers, fibers and other decorations derived from nature. A biologist by training, Anitra enjoys involving herself in the more technical aspects of ceramic art. She built her own kilns and formulates the greater part of her glaze colors. She has taught ceramics since 1981, conducts workshops on her craft and often acts as a technical consultant for other potters. Anitra maintains her studio in her home in Arizona.