Clay Wheelbarrow

Utilize everything learned in kindergarten; all of that poking, prodding, pinching, oozing and squishing have finally landed in the right place. What's that! You didn't go to kindergarten! Miniatures and toys is still the right place for you; you are about to find out all that you missed or have forgotten. Spend a couple hours with a lump of clay building everything you little heart desires, in miniature of course. Now that you have the engineering experience of an axle and the expertise of a lever you can create everything from an Egyptian chariot to a rocking chair. Bring your own ideas or borrow a few of ours. Come prepared to have a wonderful time; remember to dress down to play in the clay.
New projects every week in this four part workshop. The fee for the work is $125; this covers your clays, glazes and firings. The prerequisite is that you must be an adult willing to be one with the clay.