Miniature Mask Workshop


Venture into mask making, it's enjoyable way to introduce yourself to the clay media.  It's a relatively easy to construct miniature mask in clay by hand.  In the space of this workshop you will have everything you need to create a half-dozen or so. This workshop is for the beginner as well as artist.

There are numerous examples of miniature mask in semiprecious stone, wood, bone/Ivory and yes, ceramic. Miniature mask have been used to teach stories to children, for jewelry, even for beads/pendants, for emblem of power (a head on a stick for example), for symbol of ancestor/animal/deity, for theatrical imagery and for dolls/puppets; however, in modern times they've become collectible for their own sake.

$95 includes, your materials, your firing, your instructor, and the use of studio tools for this workshop.