Press Mold Workshop

press mold and print

Take mold making down to its most fundamental components and you'll have the press mold; once you understand this simplest unit even intricate molds are uncomplicated.  Potters referred to this basic one-piece mold as a press mold/dropout mold; a bit of clay can be pressed into this mold then pulled out perpendicularly out, the mother of all molds.

In this workshop, we will expound upon the press mold, and the many materials that it can be made from. We'll start with the most effortless clay impression in the first session, and then work through plaster up to RTV (room temperature vulcanizing-rubber) in the latter sessions.

Participants are encouraged to make their own prototypes to be molded; works under 5 inches in diameter are ideal candidates for this workshop; larger items will be discussed, but not executed.

Clay, plaster, RTV and other supplies are included in the $127 fee for this workshop.  Space is limited to five participants therefore early registration highly is recommended.