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Custom Ceramic Mural Tiles
 Individual Commissions are Anitra's specialty; tile is shippable! She will work with you on design. The turnaround time is four to six weeks after design invoice is confirmed    Pricing for custom commission starts at $250 .00 per square foot increases depending on the intricacy, size and range of the project; custom colors, intricate designs may require extra time.   Use your owe installer/contractor or do-it-yourself. is where you may e-mail Anitra.

Art Works:  All the works are individual works; the images on the right serve as a reference, the art work is created when an order is placed. Shipping date is a given at the time of invoicing. 

1.    Finest Feathers, life-face-cast mask with head dress, ~half life size, pit-fired, wall mounting

2.    Perceptive, life-face-cast, made from clay coils, pit-fired, textured, wall mounting

3.     Bernice Prime, life face cast with head dress, beads, feathers, raku fired, multi-glazes, textured

4.     Old Tale Mask Pressed slab construction, raku fired, copper patina and multi-glazed

5.     Mother's People with background, raku fired, copper sand patina, multi-glazed backdrop, wall mount

Mask #6,7,8 are in the movie "Waiting to Exhale" on Gloria's set.

6.     An Ancestor with background, burnished brown skin tone, multi-glazed background, textured, raku fired

7.     Face of the New Moon, 19-20"(~50cm) diameter, copper sand patina, wall mount, raku fired

8.    Brother Joseph, light reduction raku, multi-glazed, textured    

9.     The Sistah, raku fired, light purple crackle glaze, available in more colors, allow 60 days for order

10.    Standing on Ceremony, raku fired, 18-20" high, special order, send photos, allow 3 months, distance likeness of dress, and hair style

11.    Lizard shell pot, pit fired, made for slab with colored clay inlay            

12.    Village Dwelling shell pot, pit fired, on flat stand   

Earthlings The facial features are skillfully hand modeled by the artist. The form is tribal, standing proud with ritual vestments and head gesturing.

These works measure from 7 inches to 9.5 and are about 3.5" in width.  Make in earthenware clay, pit fired, textured and adored with a headdress. 

13. -15 Earthlings
all hand modeled, pit-fired, size ranges from 5" to 52". Pricing is according to height
    up to 8"      $ 100-
    9-11"          $ 140-
    12-16"        $ 180-            
    16-19"        $ 280-
    20-52"        $350-2,500   



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"Waiting to Exhale"
Mask #6,7,8 are in the movie

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July 30, 2003 HGTV aired a profile on Anitra's tile work on their Modern Masters program.