The Peacock Project

Creating a site specific mosaic floor tile mural from start to finish.

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The sticks are employed to keep the slab of clay a uniform thickness as it is rolled out. 1cm thickness is adequate.  The thicker the clay the lesser the chance for wrapping during drying..

Tile is cutout; grout lines are transferred from pattern to clay. Tracing around the pattern pieces with a cutting tool yields the shape of each tile.

The grout lines being transferred to surface of clay is simple process of tracing.

A notched rib is used to texture the tile bottom; that increases the surface area for better adhesion.  Note that tiles are dried between sections of plasterboard; the sheet-rock pulls moisture from wet clay. Changing the plasterboard often aids drying and also keeps mold from growing on the sheet-rock..

Cut pieces fit together much like a puzzle

Grooves for grout channels are hollowed out.

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