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Anitra Watley Allen

The sculptures can be divided into three categories,  the Sisters (Sistahs), The Earthlings, and everything else.

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The Sistahs

Sleek lines, dramatic stances, expressive gestures and lustrous Raku the fired finishes are all on this hand sculptured work of art. There are combinations of realism with exaggerated proportions within these figurines. Their three-dimensional form invites you to view it from many angles. They are intricately detailed on both front and back. Made in several colors these sculpted figures are 18" to 20" high ~50cm.

The Earthlings

The Earthlings range in size from little 7in. figurines to life size sculptures of 5ft.

The Sisters are custom works, each one is individually crafted.  The three featured on this web site are lifetime achievement awards.  These awards were commissioned and presented by Black Family and Child Services to three distinguished women here in Phoenix.

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   Everything Else


Surface finished on the Earthlings varies greatly, depending on whether it is stoneware porcelain or earthenware. Pit firing is the artist's preferred embellishment.

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