Ceramic Masks by Anitra Watley Allen

Brother Joseph

Formed from red sculpture clay with multiple glazes to simulate the coat of many colors. Raku-fired with a light posts reduction phase. Approximate measurements are 16in. high by 16in. wide 4in. deep.

Coming of Age

Pit- fired mask is adorned with fiber band with beads sewn in 5in. tall.

Bernice Prime

Copper luster and other glazes on clay that is Raku fired. This is a face cast with elaborate headdress of feathers, beads and raffia. Life-size wall hanging mask.

Bernice Prime

coiled constructed face cast, Raku-fired, headdress of beads, feather and raffia

Large Round Mask

Decorative 18in. diameter mask is wall mounted.  The colors are from copper sand patina that may only be obtain through the Raku process of Firing.

Mother's People

Copper luster headdress about 14in. tall by 12in. wide decorative wall mounting mask.

The Regal One

Life-size,  pit fired, constructed of extruded coils of clay pressed into a live face cast the carved, modeled and textured.

These three masks are featured in the motion picture
"Waiting to Exhale"
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They were used to decorate the Gloria's set (played the by actress Loretta Devine)

An Ancestor

With elements of the feminine beauty, women's work and water. Designed after tradition African sources mixed with modern ones.  Wall mounting, Raku- fired 14in. a wide by 18in. tall.

Old Tale

Wall mounting mask metallic glazes, 8in. diameter ceramic masks.

Fine Feathers

5 inches high, pit-fired, wall hanging mask

pressed coil constructed face cast, pit-fired, and textured